Hello! I am Ryan Ross, a DevOps/Cloud Engineer.

This is a Resume/CV/Portfolio website.

Basic Information
Alameda, California
Professional Skills
Google Cloud Platform
Work Experience

Jan 2018-Feb 2020

StubHub, Inc.

San Francisco, CA

Senior DevOps Engineer - Platform Operations Team

After training two replacement Puppet administrators, joined the new Platform Operations team with the goal of bringing StubHub into an on-prem “cloud” and Google Cloud Platform hybrid environment.
o First operations team to fully adopt Agile with daily standups and weekly planning ceremonies.
o Partnered with a Cloud Architect, laying the foundations for the transformation in GCP.
o Setup all PlatOps monitoring solutions using Thousand Eyes, Prometheus, Grafana, and Splunk.
o Automated every piece, nearly all aspects of the platform are controlled by YAML files and GitOps.
o Became subject matter expert on Kubernetes, rolling out full CICD system used by over 100 developers.
o Concourse CI backed by Vault, monitored by Prometheus with Grafana dashboards.

May 2014-Jan 2018

StubHub, Inc.

San Francisco, CA

Systems Engineer - Tools and Automation Team

As the primary Puppet administrator at StubHub I was tasked with facilitating automation at the company in all environments. I was responsible for over 10,000 separate CentOS/RHEL nodes and assisted in ushering new systems automation projects from Development to Production.
o Received promotion within 6 months after resolving more than 200 backlogged tickets
o Migrated Puppet codebase from Perforce to Git, re-writing much of the tooling.
o Created simple PHP, Python and Bash frontends to make life for Puppet contributors easier.
o Created web interfaces to allow the NOC to control simple Puppet actions without CLI.

April 2013 - February 2014

StubHub, Inc.

San Francisco, CA

Systems Administrator - Zvents Operations

Provided 24/7 operational support for Zvents.com, a white-label events website for around 400 newspapers in the US averaging 700,000 pageviews daily. Other duties include: releasing production code to stubhub.com, building out new Zvents development environments, supporting Big Data (Hadoop) and Apache Solr projects within Stubhub. Pushed automation tools at every opportunity.
o With zero turnover documentation and no current system administrators, reverse engineered the entire website to maintain 99.95%+ uptime.
o Built a new email and pager alerting system from scratch with Zenoss, earning first spot award.
o Created a web frontend for deployments to allow the NOC to handle release work.
o Worked closely with developers on a new node.js frontend.
o Puppetized environment and setup continuous deployment systems using Jenkins, Git and Capistrano. This work earned another spot award.
o “Ryan has tackled every issue that’s come before him, not only resolving, but improving things along the way, and still strives to make things better every day” – 2013 Performance Review.

Sep 2007 - Sep 2011

University of California

Santa Barbara, CA

Application Programmer

Responsible for the implementation, optimization and maintenance of new programs (MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, JavaScript, HTML, AJAX, and XML). Revised and debugged existing applications and scripts to accommodate changing requirements.
o Created web interface in PHP for the creation, migration and management of virtual machines used as servers for the university.
o Developed modules for internal database tools in PHP, AJAX and Perl

Feb 2006 - Sep 2007

University of California

Santa Barbara, CA

Linux System Administrator

Responsibilities included planning, managing and supporting Linux and Sun server and client computer systems related to department research, instruction and administrative activities. Independently designed and created internal scripts and applications. Developed, tested and implemented disaster recovery plans with disk and tape backups. Coordinated troubleshooting and support with vendors.


2001 - 2005

Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering

University of California, Davis

With a Minor in Economics

Contact Me
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